professional engagement

There are many ways by which you can get value out of a professional engagement. The best results will come from a 3-month engagement with a coach. You can have a conversation twice a month for about 3 months (a total of 6 coaching sessions). During this time you will specify what you want to work on, and take concrete steps to achieve that. It could be anything - getting a new job, improving an existing relationship, improving your health or finances, or anything else that's important to you. For this, we will charge a fixed hourly rate, and you know in advance how much the 3-month engagement will cost.

We also have other coaches on the team who facilitate solution-focused coaching.


We can also make available for you a suite of assessments to help you understand yourself better. These assessments are typically available to coaches who have gone through the necessary certification - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B), DISC, EQ and Gallup Strengthfinder. If you would like to start with this, we will provide you with the link to the assessment and a 1-hour debrief of your results.

training & development

Aside from coaching, we also provide training services on leadership development and communication. This includes leading a team, working with millennials and people from other countries, business writing, and verbal communication skills.

We can also facilitate FIRO-B workshops upon the request of a client.


Counseling is a talking therapy that involves a professional counselor listening to you and helping you navigate ways to deal with emotional issues. It can help you cope with a mental health condition (depression, trauma, anxiety, etc.), a relationship breakdown or work-related stress, a difficult life event (grief), difficult emotions, or other issues such as sexual identity. Counseling can take place face-to-face, individual or in a group. You may be offered a single session of counseling, a short course of sessions over a few weeks, or longer that will take several months. It can take several sessions before you start to see your progress, but you should gradually start to feel better with the help and support of the counselor.

Arvy is a certified coach affiliated with the International Coach Federation and Gallup. He is certified on various coaching methodologies such as Strengthfinder, NLP, and MBTI, to name a few. As a facilitator, he has facilitated programs for thousands of participants on a variety of topics related to leadership and communication such as time management, working in a multi-cultural environment, leading a team of millennials, and business writing.

For more information, click on his Linked In profile.

Dr. Pearl is a seasoned professional counselor with over three decades in practice offering solid counseling support and psycho-therapeutic intervention. Her specialties include marital/relationship concerns, family issues, parenting, spirituality, workplace issues, grief and loss, children/adolescents, elderly, and mental health issues. She handles group therapy, wellness workshop, team building, and career direction. She conducts psychological debriefing in various settings and gives psychological first aid for disaster survivors.

Aside from counseling, Dr. Pearl's other expertise includes consultancy, training, psychological testing, test construction, psycho-educational intervention, program development, module writing and research.

Jacque is a Transformational Coach certified by Coach Masters Academy. She is also a global and seasoned People and Culture Thought Leader with an executive leadership education at Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Counseling. She has more than 20 years of professional and management experience in multiple industries and organizations including Agriculture, Leisure and Tourism, Port and Logistics, Real Estate, Wholesale, Retail and Mall, Academe and Shared Services where she was part of the Executive Team and a Strategic Thought Leader. Jacque is also an Accredited Fellow in People Management.

Apart from being an Executive and Life Coach, Jacque develops and facilitates Organizational Development Program and specializes in Executive Leadership, Competency-Based Management, Strategic Planning and Culture Transformation Program.

Jacque has been a Resource Speaker in international, national, and local fora.

You may get in touch with Jacque through: or email her at or